10 Tips How to Know When to Change Mattress

10 Tips How to Know When to Change Mattress

Sleep well It is fundamental not only for your body but also for your mind.

No wonder when after a sleepless night wake up more flustered or moody.

Not resting well may also cause you some body aches, especially your back.

While we tend to blame stress for everything, the problem may be in your mattress.

But how to be sure?


10 Tips How to Know When to Change Mattress

# 1 - Wake Up With Backache

Back pains, headaches or cervical pain They are often seen as normal adulthood. However, not quite.

It may happen that the problem is related to your mattress and the reason is these aches is that you can't rest well.

A good mattress should provide you with good support throughout your body.

If yours no longer guarantees this, then it is time to buy a new mattress.


# 2 - Wake up several times at night 

There have always been and always will be people with insThenias.

However, if you have never woken up several times during the night and are doing so now, it may be the fault of the mattress.

One of the most common causes for this to happen is when your partner moves a lot at night.

This eventually wakes you up and has difficulty falling asleep again.

This means that the mattress is no longer able to absorb movement well which makes you wake up at night.


# 3 - Feeling tired after sleep

If you feel more tired when you wake up than when you went to bed this is not normal and your mattress should be to blame.

When we sleep, we restore our energies.

So you shouldn't wake up tired at all.

The most certain is that your mattress has already lost the characteristics that let you have a good night's sleep.


# 4 - Nothe feels comfortablehandy when you lie down

Discomfort at bedtime can happen in many ways.

You may "sink" or you may be feeling every spring of your mattress in your back.

Either of these situations won't let you sleep well, no doubt you need a new mattress.


# 5 - Body Temperature

It is normal that over time mattresses no longer have the same properties and characteristics as they did when they were new.

And that is what can happen regarding the temperature in the mattress.

If you notice that you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep all night long because of the heat, this may mean that your mattress is holding heat and working like a greenhouse.


# 6 - Increased Body Pressure Points

The points on the body that are under the most pressure when sleeping vary between men and women.

If in the case of men it is the shoulders, in the case of women it is the chest and the hips.

Nevertheless, a mattress should provide support for your entire body and your weight should be evenly distributed.

So, if you notice a increased pressure points, the discomfort increases, should consider changing mattress.


# 7 - Mattress Makes a Pit

If looking at the mattress you notice that this estis making a graveso there is no room for doubt that you need a new mattress.

However, if you do not see this grave but feel it when you lie down, this is another alarm signal for changing mattress.


# 8 - Smell

Over time, it is normal for mattresses to accumulate PThe, mites and bacteria.

Even if you are careful with your mattress, all products have a shelf life.

When you start to notice a smell coming from your mattress, you should change it quickly.

This smell may cause breathing problemsTherivers and allergies.


# 9 - Mattress Validity

A good mattress lasts on average 7 to 10 years provided you are careful about its maintenance.

So, if your mattress has already reached its expiration date, you should consider replacing it.


# 10 - Significant Weight Gain

A mattress that was good for your body 10 years ago may not be right for you now.

Our habits, preferences and weight change over the years.

Just as we can gain weight or have any health problems that require us to use a special mattress.

If you have had a significant weight gain, pressure points or firmness may not be right for you now.

Consider these 10 tips on how to know when to change mattresses that are essential to your wellbeing and quality of life.

Invest in your wellbeing and your quality of life.

Sleep well and live happily


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