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Hemera Mattress
Hemera Mattress
Hemera Mattress
Hemera Mattress
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Hemera Mattress

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Ideal for anyone who wants to stop waking up with partner movements, who suffers from pressure points, who struggles to fall asleep or who wakes up with back pain. The Hemera Mattress has a washable cover and ensures the regulation of body temperature for a restorative sleep, with 25 cm height of pure comfort.


Our Mattress was tested during 18,250 nights by professionals.

But you can test it as well during 100 nights and return it if you don´t adapt.

100 Nights Test

Hemera believes the purchase of your mattress is an important event. Therefore, We offer 100 Nights so you can test your mattress! If you do not adapt, contact contact with us. We collect your mattress and fully refund your money.


Buy today! Pay gently...

Hemera has teamed up with Splitit so that together we can better enhance your shopping experience.

With this service you will be able to split the payment of any Hemera Product up to 6x without taxes applied. Buying your Hemera Mattress has never been easier!

Important: Neither Hemera nor Splitit® has charged any fees or interest for the use of fractional payment. However, ask your bank about possible commissions. may charge you for using your credit card.

Washable cover. Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antiallergic

When it comes to your bed, hygiene is a must, which is why we've added a washable cover to our mattress. We believe this makes HEMERA® the best quality mattress you can buy, because it extends the lifespan of the fabric and helps you maintain proper hygiene. Simply remove the cover when required, wash it, and reapply it for a fresher feeling!

Maintains Correct Spinal Column Posture

Ever wish you could enjoy a deep, restful sleep and awake pain-free? The HEMERA® Mattress is specially designed to provide optimal support for your back, from your neck to your lumbar region. No stiffness, no aching muscles - just pure, comfortable sleep and the perfect start to your day. Hemera is the best mattress for spine support you can buy.

Pressure Point Reduction

No one likes to feel pressure, especially when trying to fall asleep. Then we designed the HEMERA Mattress to wrap and support it from head to toe. The support is evenly distributed to decrease the possibility of pressure points and pain foci developing over time. Instead, you will feel as if you are sleeping in a cloud! The HEMERA is a true orthopedic mattress.

Cool in the Summer; Warm in the Winter

Thanks to HEMERA®'s temperature regulating design, air is better able to circulate while you sleep. When summer comes, you can slumber in cool comfort without experiencing night sweats that disturb your sleep. When the temperature drops, you'll be snug and cozy in the perfect cocoon, but won't overheat. Our thoughtful approach to design makes us Europe's best mattress brand.